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07-08-2010, 08:32 AM
Hi my name is sachin and i am 27 year old male. I married to a girl in india 3 and half year ago. she came here last year November, 2009 with my son. My son is now 18 months old. After coming here in november 2009, she stayed with me for only 1 week and seemed totally different person. she abused me and cursed me and acted totally crazy. She even got arrested for an assualt charge on me and stayed in jail for 2 days. anyway once she got out she took my son with her and went to india and left the child there and came back to USA. The time she came back she started following me asking for her green card and ssn#. I didn't want to deal with her so i gave her the ssn card and her 2 year conditional green card. She still didn't leave me alone. She want back to india and came back with the child this time and started staying in the same city i live in. I went to see my son few times at her place. now the situtation is that she wan't let me see my child. she also threating me if i divorce her she will take half of what i have. I paid my house after marriage around $60,000 she was still in India at that time, but we were married. I want the custody of my child. I have talked to a family lawyer and gave him $3500 to start the case. I belive my wife is mentally not stable. She have tried to cut her wrist in the past with the blade and signs of cut are still there on her wrist. Also, I want to talk to a immigration lawyer for anything that i can do to stop her getting extended greencard. I don't want her around me since she showed her real face the time she came to USA. I feet like that she raped me and used me for the greencard. She also wants to take my hard earned money if i divorce her. I live in North Carolina. I don't know what is going to happend next. Also, one more thing that i want to add that first i applied for her on fiance visa but somehow she didn't get the visa or i think she didn't wanted to come on that visa so later she got the 1 year visa so she could get her greencard. It seems like that she had everything planned from the begining. She wanted a child so bad for some reason and now i know why so she could use that child to blackmail me and hurt me emotionally and use teh child to stay in USA permanently.

what can i do next? what are my choices? any help will be greatly appreciated..

Thank you

07-08-2010, 10:15 AM
Sad to hear your story. I am not sure what advice that you reall want.

If you do not want her to get a Green Card then I am sure you can speak to immigration attorneys and ensure that the Green card was recieved on fradulent intentions and make sure that the conditional GC does not become a permenant one... You can state that you never lived together and do not intend to be together...

As far as Divorce & custody, this is not the forum to discuss that, I would say that its faily difficult to get sole custody unless you can prove that she is an unfit mother.

Get good Attorney (Immigration & Divorce) and do this right if you want to salvage your life.

07-08-2010, 05:35 PM
Hi Sachin, I am not sure if i can be help or not, but i will tell you my experience.
when she came her US based on marriage, then she gets temp green card first for about 2 yrs. Then at the end of two years, she will receive a letter from immigration for an interview. That is to receive her permanent greencard. At that time, you both have to go for an interview. If you say good about each other, then she will receive a perm greencard. Now i don't know what happens if you don't say good abt each other. cuz in my case we both said good abt each other so my husband got the perm greencard.
Type of questions they will ask is your marriage date, how is your relationship, where do u live, where do u sleep. Basically they just want to know that your marriage is successful. Therefore, I think this is your time to tell those officer about what she did to you and say your marriage is not doing good.
About divorce, you said you paid off your house. First of all, who's name the house deed is under? is it under your name only? or your wife name also? If it's under your name, then it's your house. Upon divorce, u would not have to give her share. U can show that u paid all the mortgages, n she has not worked her at all (that is if she did not work here).
About custody, yes it's very hard to get custody to you only. unless you prove that she's a mental case. You telling them she's a mental case, they won't believe u. Sings on her wrist won't help. she's been to jail for 2 days is a good evidence u have.
About divorce, before you go to any lawyer, do search on him. Make sure he's a good lawyer, cuz they will rip u off n decision will not be in your favor.
My personal advise, don't get desi lawyer. Try to get american lawyer who is good in English n has ability to fight with them.
Hope this helps. And good luck. Hope everything works out in your favor.

07-11-2010, 06:26 PM
the latest twist in my tragic real story.
a police man came to my door today saying that my wife filed for domestic violence against me. she told the police that i went to her place and said that i am a cop open the door and as she opened the door i pushed her back slapped her and took the phone from her hands and verbally abused her and the child.
the tragic part is that she made all this up and it never happened :(
I am going to the court tomorrow and filling charges against her because she have ruined my life and will not leave me the f*** alone. I hope there is justice in USA court system...

07-12-2010, 10:29 AM
Remember she has an attorney and he/she is advising her as to what has to be done to strengthen her case.

Maybe you should get one to if you don't want to loose everyhting.

Also if she is claiming you came to her house... why don't you prove to court with an Alibi as to where you were and that she is lying.

You need an attoney dude

07-12-2010, 12:43 PM
you are right. I am very sure that this is been planned.
I am have an appointment with an attorney today who will fight for me in the court on this false accusition. The day she said I went to her house that day I was not home till 10. The paper I got doesn't specifically says what time did this happend...

07-12-2010, 04:23 PM
I am quite sure that the Police who recieved the call / recorded the complain will have the complete details of Date / Time of what she is claiming. I am fairly certain that your attorney can request those records be made available to you.

What you need to do is make a complete schedule of what you did on that 24 hour period that day starting from early morning AM hours. Also make a list of who you were with and who can attest you being with them.

This is pre preperation before you meet your lawyer. If you have solid iron clad alibi with Cell phone records of calls you have made / recipts of bills / credit card transactions or sign in records to health club/ office clock in records etc.

You will be able to conclusively prove with documentation where you were, so be thorough, the Attorney will assist but you know better how to secure such documentation to prove your location.

07-13-2010, 12:43 PM
as far as i know she didn't call the police on the same day. she said this happend on wednesday and she went to police on friday and filed the complaint which i think weakens here case...