View Full Version : Birth Affidavit, do I need a second one?

07-08-2010, 09:33 AM
My birth certificate is not complete per the USCIS standards as it only has my mother's name and the date of birth, neither mine nor my deceased father's name is on the document. I am wondering if I need 2 affidavits or would one suffice ... ?

Here is what I have gathered so far:

- Copy of original Birth Certificate (Missing my father and my name)
- Affidavit from my mother stating my birth and reason for my missing name.
- Certificate/Degree from my secondary education, issued by the Government, showing my birth - all in English
- Certificate of enrollment from the secondary school, showing my date of birth and my enrollment status.

Do I need a 2nd Birth Affidavit? Given that my father has passed away, I would have to ask one of my relatives and the process could significantly delay my application, so I am hesitant.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


07-08-2010, 10:03 AM
When 2 key names are missing from the birth certificate it does seem like a red flag.

Why don't you just request a copy of a birth certificate (mulicipality) from the city/town where you were born ?

One of two can happen... Either they give you one / most likely they will say records were lost/destroyed/no record.

Then you can simply have 2 Birth Affidavit. You can also suppliment that with the School / university certificates.

Note they do sometimes question you on this... when I attended my mothers interview they did ask why I did not have additional supporting doc's even inspite of a Non Availability from the Mulicipality & 2 Affadavits.

Remember in case of your mother they are not trying to prove the validity of birth but rather trying to check the validity/poof of relationship, so if you also have your old cancelled Indian passport that will have Father / Mothers name.

So just be complete in docs to avoid further delays -- Just my opinion

07-08-2010, 08:58 PM
I am actually applying for myself through my US Citizen wife, so establishing my relationship with my mother and father doesnt do much.

07-09-2010, 10:24 AM
Please remember a lot of things including cut off dates / Priority dates are driven based on your Place of Birth / Country.

Also note that that your School certificate & University does not have your father / Mother's name, just your DOB. Also you have a choice to ask by calling the 800 #.

Or just submit what you have, they will send you a RFE asking for further evidence if required.

Your birth record is an important piece of information, When your primary document is not complete /missing ( They do have instruction how to suppliment), the supporting documents become subjective and up to interpretation by the Immigration authorities, so its difficuly for any of us to predict with accuracy as to what is adequate and what isn't.

In such a case if I were you I would just have additional documentation, Affadavits are quick and relatively easy to get -- this is my opinion

best of luck.