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08-04-2010, 05:16 PM
Hello all,

I have read unlimited threads on this subject but still a part of me yells and says "do not assume and ask it yourself".

I had a masters and was working for a good company in my home country to gain experience. Later as per plan I started preparing for PhD admission in USA. I got my F1 in Nov. My fiance (future) was visiting India in December 2009 to attend his Sister's marriage and we met in India for the first time (typical arrange marriage) we both liked each other and our families liked each other so they decieded to make it socially acceptable and we went through a riligious ceremony together (not marriage).

We both came to USA in January 2010 (in a month). He was working and I went to school both in different cities which were not terribly far apart. So we met every weekend for a while. Eventually we pulled a trigger and started living together in between the location. He moved far from his company and drove 150 miles everyday to work. And I drove to college 50 miles everyday.

Later his parents suggested that we should get married and so we did legally in a court in July 2010. Also we threw a party and invited lots of guests to celebrate the event. However, now that celebration is over, I am scared and feeling insecured. If I am filinig for I-485/ I-130 what could be some key things I should consider. Our intentions were honest and traditionally acceptable. However, I am not sure what I might have to face in front of USCIS. My hubby tells me that I am over-thinking as we did not do anything wrong and we should not be worried. Should I ?

Looking forward for some experts reply to gain confidence

From Someone,
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08-04-2010, 08:04 PM
Your hubby is right, nothing to worry about. Keep records of all your travels, bills, statements, residential lease, bank statements, credit card statements, phone etc.....
Also I would present your religious ceremonies proofs, pictures and what not as evidence.

Congrats & Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!

08-05-2010, 09:05 AM
Thanks Daru786

This is a relief to hear from someone directly. My concern was if USCIS may think I violated my F1 since I was engaged before coming to USA. I am not even sure if is should be considered as a violation.. But reading too much has made me a nervous wreck.

can anyone confirm ?

God Bless..