View Full Version : Name too long for SSN? Please help....

10-10-2010, 06:45 PM
Hi there everyone I have a dilemma. The other day I went to the SSN office to get an SSN since i Have CPT and such and they denied it saying my name is TOO LONG and they can only put 13 characters on the SSN.

Is this even possible they can deny me because my name is too long?
Should I just go to another SSN office? I think this is just ridiculous and I am stressed because of this.

I checked my Visa and it has all of my 4 names First, two middle names and last name in my Visa as well as my I-94... what do i do?

How do i get my SSN? I don't want them to deny me again. And I do not want to change my Visa and pay fees just to take out my middle names so they can FIT it in the card.