View Full Version : L1 and I94

06-26-2005, 06:48 PM
Iam indian and came to US in oct 2004 on L1 visa and therefore my spouse travelled with me on a L2 visa. Both our visas expire in oct 2005. However the date on specified on our I94 is June 2006.

Does this mean that we can renew our visa by going back to india in June 2006 or should we do this before oct 2005?
Also if we do this in June 2006 will it be considered a renewal or a fresh visa?

What is the impact if we stay in US for the complete period as specified in I94 though the visa expires in a year(i meant if iam applying for a visa at a later stage)

Can someone help?


06-26-2005, 11:41 PM
You can stay in US with a legal status till the date specified on I-94. The Visa is helpful to enter into the country. Once you enter I-94 specifies the stay.

You can get the Visa stamped either in Oct 2005 or in Oct 2006. If you are travelling outside US and want to reenter at that time you need a valid US Visa.