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IELTS requirement for AUS. visa- waive?

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  • IELTS requirement for AUS. visa- waive?


    I want to apply for the Australian PR as independent- skilled person( 175)- all by myself. I want to know if IELTS can be waived, I have done MS and P.hd from USA and currently working in USA. I know it is waived for the Citizens of certain countries and my country does not fall in the listed one's. I was wondering if English eligibilty can be proved from the education recieved at USA can help.

    Another question is is the fees for the applicant includes the dependent fees too? or do I have to pay for the second installment?

    Please help!

    Seeking advice ASAP....

    Thanks in advance.

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    No one answered?? I hope someone will know the answer. Please help!


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      it is waived only if your first language is english even tough you are in USA for 10 years r more if u plan to imm to aussie you need to give the exam other wise you will miss those 25 points ,still if u can make 120 score than go ahead with ur plan w/o ielts


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        Well, you can also get your certifications attested by the university and a letter informing that your studies was purely done in English will also allow u to waive the IELTS Test.

        On the fees, if you have applied as an independent skilled person, your fee should cover your family, but this is before you have been granted your visa.
        If you are granted the visa and then "add" on family members, you will have to pay the additional costs.

        hope this helps


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          English Req

          You require IELTS even though you have exp in USA (education etc).The minimum score of 6 in all individual variants ( writing,listening,speaking,reading).



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            If you plan on moving it’s better to take the test. I have just graduated and want to go US for further studies. I have to give the IELTS test to move from India to US. I am preparing with IELTS coaching institute (a great institute for the preparations), and learning the different aspects of this exam.


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              the best score in IELTS is 8 and in the four category speaking/writing/reading/listening the test will be held