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    Hello good people!
    I'm presently working in the US on an H1B visa as a Petroleum Engineer. I'd like to apply for permanent residence in either Australia or Canada and have been caught in the age old dilemma of choosing between the two countries. I'm typically a hot weather person, born and raised in a hot country and now I'm living in Houston, Texas. So ideally I'd be happy in a hot climate (Australia) but I don't want to make a choice based solely on this. I was wondering if you guys could help out with a few questions, any answers would be greatly appreciated.

    Where are most of the petroleum engineering jobs located in Australia - I think I'd like to live in a big city so Melbourne, Sydney come to mind right off the bat. Perth might be a bit too far off for me since it seems like it will be quite a commute to go visit another place.

    Similarly, could someone please tell me where the petroleum engineering jobs are located in Canada - Vancouver is the city I'm looking at here...

    Also, what are typical salaries petroleum engineers make in both these places? Is there a demand right now for jobs in this area? I have two years work exp and am working in an office environment which is what I look forward to continuing.

    Thanks again for any input!

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    there is no oil and gas jobs in vancouver. The oil jobs are around Alberta. let me know if u need more info