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Need Urgent opinion, for A spouse refusal visa !

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  • Need Urgent opinion, for A spouse refusal visa !

    hi all
    i am married to an Australian lady, who is working in fitness as a professional, we knew each other from more than 3 years, we met many times, we married and we lived together for over 10 months in Egypt. but she had to come back to Australia cause she did not feel well in Egypt. we applied for visa application twice , the reasons they refuse is our age difference, as it is 33 years, maybe unusual , but we are happy couple..
    my question is can only the age difference , can be a reason to refuse a spouse visa. and the officer in refusal decided that i do not have a commitment to my wife,and she does not believe that i can be categorized as a spouse because she does not think so, even she did not like to make second interview in the second visa application.
    we get hurt, and felt so painful when it is just categorized as a gap age relation,, no matter how much we are in love and committed to each other ..

    thanks ,, please help us because we are really so depressed and we do not know what to do !!!