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Enter NZ with Australia PR visa granted in 2006

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  • Enter NZ with Australia PR visa granted in 2006

    Hello All

    I have a situation and I need your thoughts and opinion. I got my Australian PR back in 2006 and It was an indefinite PR subclass 136. I visited Australia and made my first entry. I came back after few days. I never visited Australia again. The visa Label is still in my passport. If you may know in Australian PR there is travel restriction of 5 years. So my travel to Australia expired on jan 2011.

    I now wish to visit NZ, i want to know if I go to NZ with my Australia visa is that gonna be accepted by the NZ airport immigration authorities.

    The reason Im asking is, I have spoken to many migration agents, and I go multiple answers, some say the PR is valid and its just the travel restriction to Australia is expired whereas some says my PR itself has expired. So I dunno whats true.

    Has anybody traveled with my situation to NZ.