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Refugee Sub class Visa 204 - Woman at risk.

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  • Refugee Sub class Visa 204 - Woman at risk.

    Hello. I was wondering if it is possible for a woman not in Australia to apply for the Refugee Sub Class visa 204 - Woman at risk. Since we started an immi account through the Australian government for her, but it was not possible to apply online. Is it possible to apply through the embassy?

    Or is this visa only possible if the UNCHR applies for this visa for you?

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    Applying for the Refugee Sub Class visa 204, specifically for women at risk, usually involves a process where the UNHCR identifies and refers eligible candidates to the Australian government. However, if you're unable to apply online through the immi account, reaching out to the Australian embassy or consulate could be a good next step. You can also get hold of some local agents or lawyers . They can provide guidance on the application process and whether it's possible to apply directly through the embassy or if there’s a better and easier way to go about it.
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