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Australian citizenship for kids in India

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  • Australian citizenship for kids in India

    Hi all - I have applied for Australian citizenship and I am currently in Sydney. Also I have added my son into my citizenship application as a dependent minor. My son is currently in India though. Couple of questions around my current situation -

    1. Would the citizenship application get approved with my son continuing overseas.

    2. Would I be able to get his citizenship certificate while he continues to stay in India

    3. Once he gets his Australian citizenship how can he continue to stay in India after surrendering Indian Passport / Citizenship before applying for an getting his OCI

    Please do answer if you have been in such a situation or know the solution of the above scenarios.

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    1- Approval of Citizenship Application with Son Continuing Overseas:
    Each case is considered separately during the Australian citizenship application process. The fact that your son is now in India may have no bearing on the acceptance of your citizenship application. However, it is critical to confirm that you have given all essential papers and that you meet the citizenship qualifying standards. If your son is included as a dependent minor in your application, it is critical that you follow the dependent child requirements.

    1- Obtaining Citizenship Certificate for Your Son in India:
    When your citizenship application is granted and your son is listed as a dependent minor, he will very certainly become an Australian citizen as well. Following acceptance, you can apply for your son's Australian citizenship certificate. This is normally accomplished through the Australian embassy or consulate in India. The certificate acts as formal documentation of his citizenship in Australia.

    3- Staying in India after Surrendering Indian Passport/Citizenship and Applying for OCI:
    ​Your son may apply for an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card if he becomes an Australian citizen and wishes to renounce his Indian passport and citizenship. Former Indian citizens who are now nationals of other countries can travel and reside in India forever with the OCI card. The card grants a multiple-entry, multi-purpose lifetime visa to India. However, it is critical to adhere to the exact standards and processes established by Indian authorities for applying for and receiving the OCI card..

    Immigration rules and processes may be complicated and constantly changing. To ensure that you follow the necessary processes and meet all requirements during this process, get information from official government sources or talk with a licensed migration agency.