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Applying for PR for Newzealand/Australia, dont have surname on passport

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  • shashiprakash007
    I have the same problem as I have no surname in my Indian passport. I have to apply for an Australian citizenship now and I am not sure what I should put against the surname in the application.

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  • kittykitty
    Having no surname is very common. For the purpose of applying for PR for Australia you can just enter the family name as "Singh" and the Given name as "Virender". Eventhough your ID has no family name, it really is just a formatting thing , the names are the same.

    This may help,


    All the best

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  • ashishsingh2902
    Info required

    Hi Viren

    Were you able to solve this problem? I am also facing the same issue now. Have only first name and no family name in passport. Please help

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  • Dinkar Ji
    Similar problem

    Hi Vijender,

    I am also in process of applying for NZ work permit and my surname too is blank in the passport.
    Please let me know if this was an issue while filing for visa and how did you get it resolved.
    It would be of great help

    Dinkar Ji

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  • Applying for PR for Newzealand/Australia, dont have surname on passport


    I am trying to apply for Permanent residency of Newzealand & Australia. While applying ONLINE against skilled Migrant category for NZ immigration, its asking to put both Given name as well as Family Name and these both names are in mandatory category.
    Whereas my name in all my identities, accademics as well as on Passport is 'Virender SIngh' against the Given name and the Family name is left blank. I donot use my family name (cast name) against my name, neither my parents/brother/sister anybody does it. Similarly I have applied the passports of my wife and 2 kids in the same pattern of only Given names and no Family/Last name.

    I am worried that what to do in this scenario, whether the Family name is mandatory and I have to again apply for the reissue of all the passports with our Family name written on the passports, in that case, we will have only passport with teh family name endorsed whereas all other documents/accademics without surname.
    or I shall apply only with our Given names in the PR application.

    Also, I have applied for the ILETS with the Given name only and Surname is left blank..

    Pl suggest me, I am really confused and stuckup in the innitial course of my PR application.

    Pl suggest me the wayforward and guide me what is the best way to avoid any issue later on..