I worked in US from Nov 2013 to 03/16/2016(Offshore recruiter). I resigned on 03/16/2016 from my US employer and returned to India myself with my pocket expense. SO my US employer provided health insurance coverage till 03/16/2016(in 2016 tax year). I would like to know how should i deal with the 'Health Insurance' section in US Federal tax filing. I know i should mention that i did NOT have insurance for full year, however, i am not sure if i am eligible for exemption(else i should pay the fee for not having full year coverage - $695 or 2.5% whichever is higher)

1) Worked in US from 11/17/2013 to 03/16/2016 - Hence, i think i have passed presence test. SO probably i am resident alien.
2) Had US Health insurance till last day of US employment 03/16/2016
3) I did NOT file exemption with any Market place or any organisation
4) My H1B visa expired on 06/15/2016 and i did NOT renew. i would NOT be returned to US again

Please clarify what should i do in my US Federal tax filing.

My understanding is that since i was NOT employed in US after 03/16/2016 and visa expired too, i am eligible for exemption.

I am referring to below instruction:

A resident alien who was a citizen or national of a foreign country with which the U.S. has
an income tax treaty with a nondiscrimination clause, and you were a bona fide resident of a
foreign country for an uninterrupted period that includes the entire tax year;