Hi All,

My parents went to the Mumbai Consulate today for their B2 visa interview. They want to come to the usa for my graduation ceremony. They have 2 daughters in India in the same city as they live as well as grandchildren. They have their own house, recently bought a car and my dad works for a small private school as an administrator. His monthly income as per the application is INR 30k (he is 60yrs old). My mom is a house wife and they have INR8lakh in saving account for the trip.They both have never traveled outside india

The Interview

VO: Why do you want to go?
Dad: Son's convocation
VO: Which University
Dad: Uni of Conn
VO: Son's visa and passport
Dad: he gave him my visa, passport, ead, invitation letters from college, offer letter, paystubs
VO: Who is sponsoring your trip?
Dad: Self
VO: What do you do?
Dad: Administrator in a school
VO: Do you have any other kids in USA?
Dad: No
VO:Sorry we cannot give you visa.

And they handed him a 214g denial letter.

Please help me I really want them to come for my graduation. Should I reapply and ask my dad to tell them he has 2 daughters in Pune?

Thank you.