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    hi to all. please do help me. Im a nurse here in the US. I came here through an employment based petition which was extended to my immediate family. I left behind my family in my former country and we will reunite by end of this year before their visa expires in 2007.

    My problem is, they will only be here for 2 months and go back to our home country and stay there for awhile. My wife and my kids are still studying there and they want to finish their schooling there. they will come back probably in 6-8 months to maintain there presence here in the US as residents. Will they be able to re-enter the US without question from the immigration officer since the facts are:

    1. they only stayed in the US for 60 days and go back to home country before establishing a 183 day residency here in the US. that 60 day stay, they probably havent received yet their GC however they have stamps on their passports during their initial entry to the US.

    3.will they need re-entry permits when they get back

    Thanks so much to all of you who are experts in this field. I do appreciate your educated opinions.