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British doctors looking for jobs in Indian hospitals

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  • British doctors looking for jobs in Indian hospitals

    British doctors looking for jobs in Indian hospitals

    LONDON: Facing stiff competition for limited jobs at home, a number of young British doctors are exploring employment prospects in India and other countries.
    Hundreds of junior doctors have applied for jobs in India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US, Hospital Doctor, an industry publication, said in its latest issue.

    There has been an acute shortage of jobs for doctors in the UK of late. The National Health Service had recently advertised for 22,000 junior doctors posts for which it received over 30,000 applications.

    Even if 22,000 vacancies are filled, still there will be about 8,000 unemployed doctors.

    Hospital Doctor has reported that many Indian private hospitals have been advertising for British doctors as India is currently experiencing a boom in medical tourism.

    It quoted a Coimbatore hospital as saying in its advertisement that 'Salary will not be a constraint for the right candidate.'

    Thousands of British doctors face the prospect of immigrating to various countries due to uncertainties caused by procedural flaws in the recruitment system called Modernising Medical Careers (MMC), an online application system.
    Following criticism from junior doctors and experts in the field, the British government has ordered a review of the system.

    A senior NRI doctor said that Indian doctors aspiring to pursue post-graduate studies and a future in the UK should think twice before embarking on their venture as job prospects in Britain is dwindling fast.