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Can I carry 2 laptop going back to India from US

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  • Can I carry 2 laptop going back to India from US

    I am going for vacation to India and Unfortuantely I will have to work from there. Currenly I am using 2 different laptops in a company for 2 different projects. I will have to carry both the laptop which I will bring back......Is it possible to carry 2 laptop with some endorsement so I dont have to pay any custom duty?

    How much will the custom duty will be?


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    Are you bringing them back?

    If so, you can carry them. Carry a letter from your employer explaining why you need two laptops.

    No customs duty necessary.
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      hi! I have a similar question .. I am travelling home after 6 months .. i am a student in the UK and took an old laptop with me when i left (receipt is at home).. last week my laptop stopped working so i bought a new one and now i am wondering whether I can carry both of them back home.. I want to leave the old one at home for repair and will bring back the new one when I get back to London.. I dont want to keep any of them in my check-in baggage..