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Selling property in India

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  • Selling property in India

    I live in US and I have some property (land) in India that I want to sell and transfer the funds to US. I have already researched about the tax implications etc. and I am ready to pay whatever taxes in India/US are due. The main thing I worry about is most people I know in India would not pay in white money to buy a land of high value. I want to keep my transactions entirely legal. I am speculating that there would be some NRI who plan to return to India interested in buying a property and may consider keeping their transaction legal and hassle free. What is a good forum to reach out to any such potential people?

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    Currently I am Living in UK and I wanted this Kind of Transaction.

    Please tell me price of plot.



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      Even though this thread is from a few years back, the topic you brought up about selling property in India and ensuring legal transactions remains relevant. The challenges and considerations when dealing with cross-border property sales often persist over time.
      While the specific discussions in the thread may have evolved since then, the concept of finding a platform to connect with potential buyers who value legality and transparency remains crucial. Considering the time that has passed, platforms like https://decosta.group/ could still be a valuable resource to explore. They specialize in real estate transactions and may offer you an avenue to connect with NRIs interested in property dealings.‚Äč
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