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Importing used car to India

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  • Importing used car to India

    I'm looking for reference / recommendations / experience importing an used car (owned for 2 years and 10 months) to India.

    What are the custom rules? based on NRI and transfer of residence option.

    What will be the cost? how much (approx) duty to be paid on a car that is worth $50K (original price).


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    If you are set on taking it with you:

    a) Transport is about $2500 - $4000. Port to port (NY to Mumbai) is cheaper. Inland to Inland is higher (Chicago to Delhi). Shared container is cheaper, dedicated container is higher etc.
    Cost is higher of larger cars, cars that need a special protection, additional insurance etc.

    b) Import duty & fees see - https://www.carsdirect.com/car-buyin...-cars-to-india
    Total depreciation in 3 years is 38% of the original purchased value, so about your car will be valued about $31K
    Total import duties and fees can add up to 110%, so you will have to pay up to $34K, add the unofficial bribes and round it up to $35K.

    c) Registration etc will also be a headache in any place other than a Metro city.

    And after all that, you will have LHD car in a RHD country. Finding proper insurance, service, spares etc will also be a issue that you need to sort out before you get the car over.

    So, unless it is an exotic or special car, IMHO, not worth the trouble. Best option is to sell it and buy a new car in India.