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ID for domestic air travel in India

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  • ID for domestic air travel in India

    This is for a US citizen of India origin with valid OCI card traveling to India. While I India, I plan to travel domestically, and do not want to carry the USA passport within India, unless I have to do. Do Indian airports accept other forms of ID for domestic travel - like USA driving licence or passport card or OCI or does it have to be USA passport only?​

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    While traveling domestically within India, you can use your OCI card as a valid ID. No need to carry your USA passport for domestic flights.


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      Being a US citizen who was lucky to discover bespoke tours in mumbai and who traveled to India and within India, I can say that Indian airports typically require a valid passport, so it is better to carry your USA passport. Of course, there are cases when a US driver's license can be accepted, but I wouldn't risk, taking into account that this is a long trip abroad. Also, it can help you avoid any complications or delays at security. I personally prefer taking my US password regardless of my travel destination. I just feel more confident and safe with it.
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        Thanks. I will be traveling to some remote locations, and just do not want to risk losing the USA passport at some those places , hence the question.


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          For domestic air travel in India, passengers are typically required to present a valid government-issued photo identification (ID) card. Acceptable forms of ID include:
          1. Aadhaar card
          2. Passport
          3. Voter ID card
          4. Driver's license
          5. PAN card (Permanent Account Number)
          6. School or college ID card for students
          7. Government-issued employee ID card

          It's important to ensure that the ID presented matches the details provided during the booking process.