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Indian Citizenship and Passport for US Born baby to Indian Parents

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  • Indian Citizenship and Passport for US Born baby to Indian Parents


    I am an Indian Citizen working with H1B Visa in US. My wife is on H4 Visa. We do not have any intention to settle / stay back here in USA permanently.

    We are expecting a baby in the month of October 2011. I want my child to have an Indian citizenship. Please let me know how I can get Indian citizenship for a baby born in USA.
    Request you to answer my following five questions:

    1. Can we get an Indian passport for the baby if he/she is born in the US or only US Passport?
    2. If we can get Indian passport, does he/she need to obtain a visa for our rest our stay in US?
    3. If we can get only US Passport, shall I provide the Indian address as permanent address in the US passport application?
    4. If a child has Indian Passport with the place of birth in USA in the passport will there be any immigration issues in USA.
    5. If a child has Indian Passport, is he or she an Indian citizen?

    I am totally confused and worried about the next steps. Request your advice and suggestions.

    Thank you in advance.

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    some answers for your questions.

    Babies born in usa are citizens of usa. you need to get a us passport and apply for a pio(person of indian origin) card which has a validy of 15 years. What PIO does is that your child does not need a seperate visa to visit India and for every trip the PIO will allow you to stay for 6 months and i believe for more than 6 months stay, you have to report that to the local authorities about staying further.

    baby will be a us citizen and will be treated as NRI when you move back to India. at 18 years of age, he/she will have the choice of renouncing the us citizenship, then they will be considered Indian citizens.

    us passport for minors have a validity of 5 years and need to be renewed every 5 years.

    when you get us passport, you need to give your current us residential address. you can not give indian address.

    hope this answers some of the questions.