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What's allowed to be shipped (by air or sea) legally ?

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  • What's allowed to be shipped (by air or sea) legally ?

    Not everything can be shipped legally through an international shipping company. There are tailored lists available from most shipping companies depending upon the country of origin or destination. Knowing what is legal or illegal to ship is important, but there is also an element of common sense involved.

    From the US it is illegal to export or ship out of country through ocean shipping and air shipping :
    • biological material such as microorganisms or samples
    • combustible and volatile chemicals or products
    • dangerous waste materials
    • guns, other weapons, and their assorted parts
    • legal tender, including cash instruments, coinage, coins and other forms of money or cash equivalents
    • live creatures
    • lottery tickets and other gambling items
    • or any item prohibited by local law in the destination country

    Other illegal items include :
    • aerosols
    • alcoholic beverages
    • ammo
    • bombs
    • bullets
    • camping stoves and fuel containers
    • cleaners and solvents
    • compressed air or gas cylinders
    • fire extinguishers
    • gasoline
    • grenades
    • hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas
    • infectious substances
    • insecticides
    • life coats
    • liquid bleach or chlorine
    • lithium arrays
    • mercurial barometers or thermometers
    • paper bags containing any amount of cash.
    • paint or turpentine
    • pepper spray
    • pyrotechnics
    • radioactive material
    • top secret government information
    • uranium or plutonium

    If you attempt to ship illegal drugs of any kind, it is highly likely that not only will customs be contacted, but the police and other authorities will be notified and you will be duly processed as an alleged criminal, and placed under arrest by local authorities.

    If you are unsure about whether or not it is legal to ship any item, it is best to contact your international shipping company and find out what the regulation are before you try to ship it.

    Disclaimer : The above information is for your educational purposes only. I do not take responsibility for the content of this publication.