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US Citizen wife filing for divorce in India

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  • US Citizen wife filing for divorce in India

    Hello All, this is my close friend's situation. Her husband, herself and children are all US citizens. However they intended to relocate to India and so she and her children moved first and her husband was to follow later. Now he has changed his mind and is threatening her with divorce and tells that he will claim custody of kids. We had no clue that he wanted to divorce...dont even know what is going on in his mind. My friend was ok to stay in US, but now she is afraid to go there.
    1. Can he file for divorce in US while she is in India?
    2. Can he claim custody of kids?
    3. Will she be forced to go to USA? She has OCI and kids also have OCI.
    4. Can she file for divorce in India - this is the last resort if nothing else works.

    Any inputs will be appreciated.