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Procedure to apply for Canada Visitor's Visa from USA for Indian passport holders

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    Originally posted by Prez2022 View Post
    I have question regarding the visitor visa , I'm trying to submit a request for canada visa for my brother , he's on L1B visit to US and we are trying to apply for his visitor visa, he's an Indian passport holder , I'm a Canadian permanent resident, have you submitted invite letter for your visa if so whom did you address it to, Canadian consulate in US?

    Yes. Canadian consulate in US


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      Hi..How long does it take for TRV stamping approval, if we applied from USA (Indian passport) and have a valid work permit.
      Already worked in Canada and have extension approved now in January.
      Had to step out of Canada due to a family emergency.Thanks.


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        For H1B visa holder with Indian passport what is the tourist visa category we need to apply is that eTA visa? And if the kid is US citizen then is there any visa that they need? Also once submitted approximately how long does it take to get approval and visa stamped?


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          The Trail of Tears is a very tragic event in Indians history. It was an attempt by the United States government to remove thousands of Native American Indians from their homes and property. This act was called the Indian Removal Act. It was created by President Andrew Jackson in 1830.
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            biometrics and interview???‚Äč


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              I applied for Canadian Visitor Visa for my Parents who are Indian citizens and currently visiting USA on 04/07. Both of them completed their biometrics appointments last week. However there has been no other update to the applications. Has anyone applied for canada visitor visa recently? Any information on timeline for Candian visitor visa would be extremely helpful
              I applied thru IRCC portal and am able to check their status. It does mention that the application is in progress, does mention that interview and medical exams are not required.
              Any information would be extremely helpful