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Immigration Consultant Fraud - Mohammed Wanli

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  • Immigration Consultant Fraud - Mohammed Wanli

    This a WARNING TO EVERYONE USING AN IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT... check out the credentials of your consultant FULLY!

    Mohammed B. Wanli, aka Mohammed Wanli aka M.B. Wanli is a convicted criminal from the United States with a long history and growing criminal history in Canada. He is posing as an immigration consultant or immigration lawyer. His methodology is to gain as much information as possible from his victims, then from that information create a fabricated immigration issue. He then tells his victims he is in contact with immigration officials and that they are in some kind of trouble. He then uses his victims fear to extort as much money for 'legal fees' from them as possible. Victims are left emotionally and financially devastated.

    Check out for details.
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    Bogus Immigration Consultant Mohammed Wanli Arrested

    Mohammed WANLI of ATO Immigration Services was arrested.

    On April 23, 2008 members of the Vancouver Police Department Financial Crime Section took WANLI into custody.

    9 counts of FRAUD have been laid by Commercial Crime Crown Counsel.

    Crown Counsel is requesting that the charged/accused be remanded/held in jail until trial.


    Financial Crime Squad
    Vancouver Police Department
    312 Main Street
    Vancouver BC V6A2T2


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      An update on Mohammed Bassal Wanli:

      a.k.a. Mohammed B. Wanli,
      a.k.a. Moe Wanli,
      or most recently, Basil,

      Around 2017 (to current) he's switched gears and started to engage in civil scams instead criminal ones, typically rental scams. He will list on Craigslist the place he's renting and ask for cash deposit from unsuspecting renters and a few months rent. Then by the time people move in, they'll realize this scammer is actually living in the unit and now have to eat their losses or enter Residential tenancy branch dispute which can take 1/2 a year.

      This guy is a career criminal.