hello, I have a bit of a problem with my Permanent Resident application for Canada. When I applied it wasn't required to provide biometrics, after that requirement changed I payed the fee using the CIC online system, but couldn't upload my receipt to the system, so I sent it to the IRCC using the webform page and have yet to hear from them. Any other way to contact the IRCC to expedite this process?.

Also, I have a second issue, I received an email some weeks ago that I was ready for my visa, so I sent my passport to the VAC and in addition to the Biometrics they also said that I was missing the IRCC letter requesting my passport, in the email that i received there was no attached documents and it doesn't show in the messages of my online application. Again, I contacted the IRCC/CIC asking about the letter using the webform and all they told was to follow the instructions that were in the email that I sent (after asking about the letter on multiple occasions). I sent the printed email along with the rest of the required documentation, and just got the passport returned from the VAC, so i doubt that following the email information again is going to result in a different outcome.

Can anybody show me how does a passport request letter is supposed to look like? Every time I ask using the webform all i get is a generic copy-pasted answer or that they referred my case to somebody else