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previous US visa and Canadian ETA

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  • previous US visa and Canadian ETA

    Hi, guys I have a little bit of concerned about visiting Canada.I apply for an eTA which got approved couple month ago and is still valid but here is my concern :
    I previously had a Student VISA in the USA which was terminated because while I was studying there I had issue registering for a class It got me out of Status. I then left voluntarily 3 month later, and never came back or applied for any visa ever again.

    on the eTA background question there is one question about it "Have you ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry to, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country/territory?"
    which I answer No because that's not the Case My US visa got terminated because of me failling to enroll in full time class and I never got deported

    Since It's well known that Canada and the US share immigration data I'm worried that it will show up and possibly compromised my chance to visit Canada.
    I'm very anxious about going through the immigration custom.

    What do you guys think?