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Looking to move to Mexico from US.

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  • Looking to move to Mexico from US.

    I am a 31 year old single male from the Midwest, USA. I have no kids. I have quite a bit of schooling but only an Associates degree. I've worked my whole adult life, kept out of trouble and been a decent citizen. Though, there was this point of realization a few months back. There are plenty of people out there wanting to make the worthy decisions of uprooting their life, but they now have things keeping them in their places. (work, kids, family etc.)
    My family is almost non-existent, no kids and I am not at a particular career oriented job. Though, my job does keep my a float a bit better than most in my field. I work as a sous chef at an upscale seafood restaurant. The reason why I've had my sights set on Mexico or even Central America is really based upon my co-workers at my job. The Mexican's I have meet at my job are some of the kindness people I've come across. They cook food constantly, invite me to their baptisms and social gatherings, and share the food and experience with me like its a gesture they carry with them from birth.
    A big step to make in this process is to learn and understand the language. I have been making steps towards that. They had to learn the language to come here so I want to be respectful and understand their language before I make the leap. Though, I am in a perfect situation being immersed in their language while at work. Any interesting tips on how any of you learned a language later in life?
    Money is also an important part of this. I live in a simple studio apartment mainly for this reason. I opened up a separate savings account last month solely for this reason. I'm a simple guy always have been. Decided not to own a vehicle and walk and ride public transportation on a daily basis. I lived in the damn woods for 49 days back in my early twenties to prove to myself life can be simple. I've been so immersed in the American culture my whole life and I want to make the leap and see if the grass can ever be greener for either side. How can I really enjoy what America has to offer if I don't spend some of my days experiencing how others live?
    So, I'm really just asking for some help with places to look into in Mexico, the job market, resources to help with my journey. What are some of the next important steps I should take? Should I look into getting a tourist visa for the 6 month period? Use that time to find a place to live, talk to the locals, search for jobs in person.
    I know there are so many options when it comes to making this decision. That's why I would love to hear what all you have to share.

    Thank You,
    Sincerely Chuck