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H1B DUI with accident no injury and high BAC

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  • H1B DUI with accident no injury and high BAC

    Hi Guys, I had a DUI in June 2011. Came to India for marriage and then got stuck with the embassy as I needed H1B stamping.
    I did my medical as requested by embassy. Don't know what the outcome will be( I said I still drink very little alcohol: true) but never drink and drive again..
    Now really worried what the outcome will be. My work is pressuring me on my date of return and I was told the embassy will receive my medical only on December 16th. What do you think will happen?
    I had a accident involving DUI with no injuries and I was alone in the car. My BAC was high. I am worried I will be denied. My wife is in the US and I am stuck here. Really depressed. Made one huge mistake in my life. Any advise???

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    I am in same situation

    Please can you share your experience? I am in the same boat had dui with high bac and accident. No injury.