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⛔★ Deported for a crime, but won a CAT 10 years ago. Any chance of readjusting?

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  • ⛔★ Deported for a crime, but won a CAT 10 years ago. Any chance of readjusting?

    Hi all, I could use some advice to see in what direction to go or to just not even bother trying to get my situation fixed.

    Basically at 12 years old came to US as a refugee (Yugoslavia, now bunch of small countries that hate each other)
    At 16 adjusted to LPR
    And at 17 I got a misdemeanor, INS arrested me and upgraded it to an aggravated felony crime of moral turpitude (CIMT)

    Some 8 months later IJ deported me for this but also ruled that my crime isn't serious which made me eligible for convention against torture CAT. Its temporary but I'm here so I'm very happy to be with the only family I have left. I've been living on CAT for over 10 years without causing any trouble. Also my mother, father and bother are all here and all citizens.

    I was wondering if there is any way for me to become an LPR again? My parents could apply for a i130 for me. Recent new laws/cases show that I'm eligible for 212h since I adjusted to LPR and did not come here as an LPR so thats good.

    Can I just apply for a 212h waiver to delete my crime, and if I get it, just apply for a i485 through an i130?

    Also can anyone explain a difference between i601 and 212h please? I can't seem to figure out which one I would need as someone who is living here on CAT but been ordered deported.

    Thanks to anyone taking time to read my long rant.