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H1B visa stamping with Criminal traffic ticket

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  • H1B visa stamping with Criminal traffic ticket


    I was given a criminal traffic ticket in Arizona, few months ago. It's a traffic misdemeanor. Actually, I was driving 93 in 65 zone. It is mentioned in the ticket "Section: 28-701.02A3" and "Violation: EXCEED 85mph 91 + IN 65 ZN".

    I paid the fine amount of $200 and did community service as per the judgement. I am planning to travel India to get visa renewal stamping, not sure if I can answer Yes or No to the question we have in ds 160 form.

    "Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of a pardon, amnesty, or other similar action" ?

    Any idea -

    Will this pop up in a background check by USCIS ?

    Is there any way that we can check our background to see if we have the criminal traffic ticket in record

    Kindly let me know if any of you faced the same situation


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    I am confused. How is getting a speeding ticket a criminal case?


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      When you went to court did the judge state the ticket will not be on your record if you complete the required community service/Payment in the allotted time? Usually if you pay the fine and complete whatever you are required it does not go on your record. You can check with the DMV to see if you can get a copy of your driving record. You may be able to go the the same court location and ask the clerk for the information about your case also. But you also should never lie on your application. So I would say yes, and explain on the application. If there is no room put is on a separate sheet.
      Just my opinion... Use at your own risk...