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Traveling on AP with a pending DUI charge

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  • Traveling on AP with a pending DUI charge

    Hello All,
    Last week I received a DUI charge (first one). Apart from this charge, I have an extremely clean record - no traffic violation in the last 16 yrs. The cop stopped me because the brake lights were not working. I have a court date end of Jan 2017 and plan to plead "not guilty"; BAC of 0.07 (below the legal limit).

    I'm planning to go to India on vacation in 2 weeks and returning before my court date. I have traveled on AP at least 5 times in the last 9 years without any problem.

    Do you think I will have an issue re-entering on AP?

    I have contacted few attorneys and am getting mixed opinion, though most of them don't seem to think that I will have a problem.

    Please advise and share recent experiences ... on the verge of cancelling my trip.

    Thanks a lot for your time and understanding in advance !