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Getting stopped at US Customs after DUI

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  • Getting stopped at US Customs after DUI

    Hello, I would appreciate a quick clarification from experts.

    Back on 2014 I was charged with DUI (misdemeanor) with no car crash or personal injury, and had it cleared a few months later after going through the court procedures (DUI course, VIP, fine). They reduced it to reckless driving. By the beginning of 2015 I got my B1/B2 visa renewed for more 10y after going through a medical checkup in my country. Now the issue is that every time I travel back to US, the immigration officer asks me to go to a separate room for a 2nd interview. It happened 2 times, in 2015 and 2016, no issues to be admitted though. I am wondering if this is going to happen forever, or may stop after some years, or whether there is something that can be done so I can be admitted without the 2nd interview. I
    might need to travel with my boss shortly, and this could get me into a bad situation if I need to explain what happened. I am also wondering if something has changed about being admitted with DUI record (which in my case became reckless driving) after the new president took over.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Maybe there is a way to ask them before you travel with your boss. But for US, they have everything on record for many years, so even though the issue was solved, they just want to make sure they check everything. You don't have to tell your boss why they take you to the separate room. Just tell him it was general questions.