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F1 DUI and visa revoked ..re-apply ?

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  • F1 DUI and visa revoked ..re-apply ?

    I'm an international student. I got a DUI in 0ct 2017. Later I attended my court hearings and paid half amount and went for reinstating(in order to activate my SEVIS) at Mexico border and I busted.they said your visa revoked. cuz of my good credit (jail credit points: i've been in jail for 12 hours & i paid court fee )they gave me an opportunity to withdraw my visa and gave me 6 days of time to get out from USA. Now can i re-apply for my visa? is there any chances of getting approval? ... (they stamped on BRO cancellation on my visa ) i applied for new passport . will any other county knows about my arrest Except (canada)? ...Please suggest ...

    Thanks in advance...