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Possession of Marijuana

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  • Possession of Marijuana

    In 2010 I was street racing and got caught, they found a baggy of weed less than .8 oz. Went to court and they brought it from a misdemeanor to an infraction. Fast forward to Oct 2nd I had my AOS interview and it all went well IO asked me if I paid all my fines and I said yes. At the end of the interview he said most likely I will approve your case. Later that day I got a notification saying that IO was requesting For additional evidence (RFE) for that case. He wants deposition which I already showed him at the interview and he wants police report stating how much marijuana it was. Here?s the tricky part. My case has been destroyed so court gave me a paper stating that and I went to the police department asking for the police report and they have nothing on me from that arrest. Or anything for that matter. I need help on what to do.. I do have a lawyer but he?s technically a glorified application submitter. He is of no help whatsoever. Thank you in advanced.

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    They probably listed in under the charge for street racing and the possession charge onto that as one case. go back and ask to look it up under however they charged the street racing against you.
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      hi im sorry about your bad experience. my wife got arrested with under 50 gr weed. i sent my documents yesterday but im afraid a bit. are you citizen or green card holder ?


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        It has been a long time ago you posted. Now it is 2020 . Tell us what happened to your case .


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          I would like to know the outcome