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2nd dui : can I go back to India

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  • 2nd dui : can I go back to India

    Hi there,
    hello everyone!

    one week before I had 2nd DUI in GA within 2 years of first one.
    As I was planning to go back to India in July next year as my parents and siblings need me, want to know can I go back to India for good asap without attending court hearings? I have no plan to come back to USA. As I am terrified with the sentence fines jail term house arrest classes etc and it will cost me so much in terms of time and money both. I dpnt have so much savings also. Now all I want to leave USA without facing all that. Can I do that? will they chase for me in India as well or in Indian/USA airport and bring me back here. For future terms, I have no plans to coming back to USA and moreover I want peace that I can get if I am in India with my parents. so can I travel to India wihtout attending even first court date? From immigration point of view will it be any issue other that that I wont be able to enter into USA in future, that I am perfectly fine with?