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DUI and my experience with VISA

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  • DUI and my experience with VISA

    This form is to share my experience with DUI and visa complication i had. The reason i want to start this form is to avoid people having DUI and help people with DUI with the visa process and its complication.

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    Hi readers,
    i would like to share my experience. Got DUI in March 2018. Case dismissed in Sep 2018. Came for new visa stamping with family and got visa approved in April 2019.


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      Hi Omar123,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a few questions for you -

      1) Were you asked to go through a medical exam?
      2) Did you face any issue with the 12 month remission period clause for the DUI?
      3) Were you convicted? Was your case dismissed?

      Have a good day.


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        Hi Omar123,

        Can you give more info about your visa stamping experience? did they ask you any questions? were you asked to take any medical test?