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Criminal federal felony 24 month sentence plea

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  • Criminal federal felony 24 month sentence plea

    Dear sir

    I have federal felony and plea guilty got 24 months jail time I want to know that now I have served my sentence and it’s been 2 years since I released I am not a usa citizen but my felony occurred in USA I am citizen of pakistan but this criminal record is their

    will I have issues to get tourist visa below mention regions

    visa for Europe Schengen
    tourist visa for Turkey
    tourist visa for UK
    Tourist visa for thailand singapore Malaysia
    tourist visa for Australia

    please guide

    also i have this life time banned to re enter USA can I
    apply for i212 after couple years and remove this permanent ban so I can come visit as tourist visit friend and family

    i was arrested in Germany and extradited to Usa to face charges well now all my charges finish I had spend 24 month jail time but I am depressed that due to this
    bad record in my life now I will have restrictions to travel
    and get visa for many countries please guide that any country I will apply for visa will be to see my past records and will give me visa or deny on the basis of my felony

    please guide

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    To understand your situation better and advise, what was your felony conviction for? and under what state law?


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      Author, how are you?