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Got my GC and Citizenship with 2 Criminal Records No Lawyer

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  • Got my GC and Citizenship with 2 Criminal Records No Lawyer

    Am writing this to give hope to my fellow law breakers. In 2009 i got convicted of Shoplifting (petit larceny). Found guilty....ordered to pay a fine only. No jail terms or probation. In 2012 i was​ convicted of unlawful sale of motor vehicle by the DMV. Guilty again. No jail or probation. Only a fine. Both of these were misdemeanors​. In 2014, I filled a marriage based GC via my us citizen wife. Alot of lawyers recommended that i use their services as i would not get my GC with the 2 charges. I had just graduated from college. So i was broke and being cheap. I did not listed to them. I went ahead and filed for my GC. I figured that the worse they could do was say no.... Whereby i would now use a lawyer service to appeal. Believe it or not......i got my GC in 2014. I was not asked about the 2 misdemeanors i had. They just took my certified court disposition. That was it. Got my GC. No scam lawyers. I kept my nose clean during my residency. This year i got approved for my Citizenship with the 2 misdemeanors. No problems, no lawyer used. Good luck guys.