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Battery Misdemeanor of Domestic violence H1b

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  • Battery Misdemeanor of Domestic violence H1b

    Hello community, I really need your help here.

    I have a domestic violence charge in 2017 and it eventually disposed to be battery misdemeanor in April 2018. California penal code 242. Sentence is 3 year probation, 52 week DV class and 40 hour labor work, no jail time or suspended sentence. After that, I have my I-140 approved (priority date is August 2017) and visa renewed by my new employer.

    When I want to visit my home country and get my H1B stamped in the future, how difficult it will be and how likely I'm going to be denied? What are the chances I will get denied at port of entry even I luckily have my valid visa? How bad will this criminal background affect my future green card application?

    I can't really do anything now having this issue haunting me. Asked a few lawyers and they don't recommend me travel back. Does it mean I can't visit my family forever?

    Thank you so much in advance

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    I have the same situation. Can you share your experience ?


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      About Battery Misdemeanor of Domestic violence H1b ,I m in same boat and need somehelp , will there be any issue while finding a job and background screening in US with misdemeanor criminal history. Did face any issues or how did you over come it in background screening?