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Uscis ran credit report

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  • Uscis ran credit report

    Does anyone know if USCIS ran a credit history? I can see it on a credit report. I didnt apply for anything with USCIS.

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    Why would USCIS run your credit history ?
    Only banks, lenders etc. do that... even then, they need your permission to do so (like when applying for a house / car loan)
    Sometimes, credit card companies run a soft check to give you pre approved offers (without your permission). This however, does not ding your score

    If you suspect, go to creditkarma.com and obtain your credit reports. You will see everyone who ran a check
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.


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      Sometimes, they ran it when you signup for online account. idk but when I signed up, I found something similar. Idk if they just verify your ssn. IMO IRS, USICS might ran cc


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        I have never heard of USCIS running credit check on applicants....I would double check with the 3 credit reporting bureaus and see whats the deal with that