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Drug offense

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  • Drug offense

    Can anyone tell me what can be the consequences for this:
    2007- conviction for loitering for drugs, violation of controlled substance act, possession of cocaine. 12 months probation and 24 hours of community service.
    2008 and 2011 - arrested for public intoxication, misdemeanors.
    in 2012 green card was renewed and had no problems.

    any ideas if ice can come and knock on the door?

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    Both DWI or DUI has the potential to harm your driving abilities. Though both are related to driving, the meaning is always not the same. In many states, drunk driving is a misdemeanor offense, but the repeated acts may lead to felony charges.

    Both are serious offenses and have the potential to lead to both administrative and criminal charges, which may include:
    • Tickets, hefty fines, and court fees
    • Suspension of driver’s license
    • Loss of driving privileges
    • Alcohol or substance abuse classes
    • Community service
    • Jail time
    • Compulsory installation of an ignition interlock device
    • Increase in the cost of car insurance

    So, you cannot assume that both the terms are treated the same in all the states. To know more about DWI and DUI,

    , click here.
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