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Please Help N400, DUI, Traffic Ticket

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  • Please Help N400, DUI, Traffic Ticket

    I need help and advise urgently please. I have my N400 interview in a few days. Before I got my first GC, I had a DUI arrest in May 2017 that was reduced to a reckless driving with no probation, no suspension of license I only paid a fine. The arrest record was sealed and I have the court disposition and police report. I noted it in my application. I took an alcohol class back then at my lawyer’s recommendation. Also, I have four different traffic tickets that sum up to $450 between 2016 - 2021 and I have paid all of it in full and I have the receipts. I applied for N400 in Nov 2020 which is 3 years 5 months after my arrest desposition. I am still married to my wife who is a US citizen.

    Would this be a problem?

    Does anyone have any advise or precaution that I should be aware of?

    Pleas help. Thanks a lot.

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    Most probably you will be denied but not deported,you need to show 3years good moral character if you are still married with us citizen.so clock start 3years from the day you have no tickets and probation,but i will consult immigration attorney because you are showing pattern of being dangerous for environment which means dui plus multiply speeding tickets,please talk to attorney..


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      Please let me know how interview went?Im in same the shoes with dui,fingers crossed for you


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        Jay27 how did your n400 interview go?


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          I guess the best you can do listen for an attorney advice they will be able to review your case, this’s my recommendation.


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            It's understandable to feel overwhelmed and in need of assistance when facing complex legal issues such as an N400 application, DUI, or traffic ticket. It's important to seek out reliable information and resources to help you navigate these challenges. Depending on your situation, you may want to consider consulting with a lawyer who has experience in these areas of law or seeking advice from a legal aid organization It's also important to be honest and transparent about your legal history when completing an N400 application, as providing false information or concealing information can result in serious consequences.
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