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Obtaining a Marijuana Medical Card in CA

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  • Obtaining a Marijuana Medical Card in CA

    My doctor has recommended that I get a marijuana medical card for a condition I have. However, I am fully aware that marijuana is still illegal under Federal Law.

    Would having a card hinder or be detrimental to me renewing a visa or chaging status through USCIS?

    I have consulted the office of international programs at my school and they are 'stumped'. They cannot find any guidelines on this issue from USCIS.

    I have consulted 4 different immigration attorneys...2 say that there should not be a problem, the other two say that it is potentially a (big) problem....so I guess Im stumped

    I'd really like to avail of the card for this condition as the dispensories have the exact strain that I need.

    Has anyone got any opinion professional or otherwise on this? Should I just err on the side of caution here