My wife was a DACA holder. I was the petitioner, (U.S. Citizen). I paid $8,000 for lawyers help. The fee included the lawyer flying up to SFO from LAX so the lawyer can be present at the interview. Filing Fess overall was about $2000 to $3500.

USCIS received our I-130,, I-131, I-485, I-765 on 2/26/18 in Los Angeles, CA.

Around January 2018 received notice of when the biometric appointment was. Make sure shots are up to date, and a copy of their medical record for the past 3-5 years.
4/5/18(around early April)- Biometric Appointment
7/6/18 - Application was approved.
7/10/18 - USCIS mailed out new EAD/Advance Parole.
Received card on 7/15/18 (5 business days later from 7/10/18).
EAD Card expired 7/5/19, however you would file an extension. Once, USCIS receives the notice that the extension was filed, the letter says it automatically extends for 180 days if your case(Category C9) is pending.

6/19/18-Status changed to "Ready to Schedule an Interview"
5/23/19-Received noticed for our interview at the San Francisco, CA Office at 6/3/19.
7/3/19-Interview:Case was approved. The officer said it takes two weeks to make a decision, and security background check to clear. About 10-15 minutes after we left the office, received a notification that she was approved. Our lawyer and kid was present. It is important to bring your kids. The interview took 10-20 minutes. Officer asked my wife(Beneficiary) questions that were on the forms that were file. My wife responded by confirming what was on the forms. The officer only asked me, "What is my name?", "Who am I married to?", "When did I get married?", "Where do I live?", and "What is your child's name?" Our lawyer prepared the order of the documents that the officer would want it. First, is the interview notice, both of our IDS(All EAD cards, all of her Passports, and my most recent passport and driver's license), copy of our marriage certificate, copy of our child's birth certificate, tax returns, both of our recent pay stubs, verification of employment, bank/credit card statements, utilities, lease, proof of benefits coverage and then photos. Lawyer told me to carry all of that, while my wife took care of the child in the interview. The officer will ask what proof of the marriage do you have. You would reply, we have our child's birth certificate, tax returns, lease, bank/credit card statements. The officer skimmed through it, and said will look at it later. The copies are for the officer to keep.
7/3/19-CArd was ordered.
7/9/19-Card was mailed.
7/10/19-Card was in my wife's hand.

It takes 3+ years for her to become a citizen. Then 6-8 months to petition for family members after becoming a citizen.

Lawyer filed I-102 in June 2019, before the interview. Officer may ask if you filed it already.