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Any Dec filers still w/o EAD?

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  • Any Dec filers still w/o EAD?

    Filed 12/14/2018

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    Mine was filed on the exact same day as yours and I’m still waiting for my EAD, Waaay past the processing times for the NBC, I’ve put in a request and still waiting. I fed your pain.


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      We filed on November 28th, 2018 and are still waiting. We filed in NYC and our case is being processed through the NBC. Our SR still has not been assigned to an officer. When we called USCIS their entire computer system was down, so they couldn't even transfer our call to a tier two officer even though they are willing to do so. We have consulted several lawyers but none of them seem to think there is much we can do, apart from keep waiting. We have been in touch with Senator Gillibrand's office, which was initially very responsive but we haven't heard from them since submitting all of our necessary paperwork to them eight days ago. Ive tried to call their case work office phone line several times and nobody answers. It is a horrific experience that makes one lose all faith in government bureaucracy's ability to function at all.


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        Me! ????????
        I thought I was the only one, seriously.
        I think it's ridiculous how they treat us. I understand that the i485 takes a long time to get approved, but don't understand why the ead also takes do long.
        Salt Lake City-UT
        07/24/18- Documents received
        11/16- I-485,765 and 131rejected
        12/22- New I-485, 765 and 131 sent
        12/27- Documents delivered at 10 am (UPS)
        01/14- Credit Card was charged
        01/14- text messages for I-485 and I-131
        01/22- Received form I-765 back. Got rejected due to incorrect fee??
        01/23-Submitted I-765 again.
        01/31- Early Biometrics appointment
        02/01- Fingerprint Review was completed
        07/30- case is ready to be scheduled for ...
        08/31-EAD in hands
        10/22- Interview (approved)


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          I filed AOS etc. on October 18th and I'm still waiting for my EAD (307 days). Responded to an RFE on June 19th, got case ready to schedule for interview in late July, sent service request 3 weeks ago but still nothing.