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  • Marriage based I485 June filers

    Hi all,

    I have been a silent reader in this post. Thanks to all of you and your answers which give me so much comfort and help. So I want to share my experience here hoping to help anyone. I live in Boston, MA

    Here is my timeline:
    6/5/2019 Package delivered/Application filed (Day1) I485, I130, I-765(Didn't file for 131)
    7/18/2019 Fingerprint review was completed(Day 43)
    9/4/2019 Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview(Day 92)
    9/17/2019 Interview was scheduled(Day 105)
    9/23/2019 Interview notice arrived(Day 110)
    10/1/2019 Expedite EAD request received(Day 118)
    10/4/2019 Request the evidence(Offer letter)(Day 121)
    10/8/2019 Expedite request was approved(Day 125)
    10/9/2019 New card is being produced(Day 126)
    10/22/2019 Interview date(Day 139)

    Here are a couple of things I want to share.
    There are several mistakes I made:
    1. I wrote the check wrongly, I sent 1750 instead of 1760. I found out the mistake right after coming home from FedEx. But it is already too late. I tried to hold the mail, it didn't work. I sent another check with a letter explaining my mistake. They both got returned from the USCIS and my application got rejected. I believe this is probably their standard process. They can't accept your check. But in the rejection package, they stamped everything together in two piles. What I found quite interesting is that they did not stamp them based on different applications along with the evidence for each form. The medical record was open. So I asked my civil doctor to prepare a new form for me. It cost an extra 60 dollars. I sent it through the USPS as requested. So USPS showed delivered on June 5th, 2019. But I did not hear back from them for the following 2 weeks. No text message, the check was not cashed out. So I sent an email first, no reply. Then I called the 800 number and that was very helpful. The officer filed a request for me and give me a confirmation letter. Then a week later(July 1st), I received the text messages that my case was received. If you have not heard about your case after submission for more than 2 weeks. You should definitely call them and they will help you.

    2. I think my case is relatively simple and I have lived in the United States for over 9 years with F-1 status(bachelor's, work then master's). I met my husband about 5 years ago and we got married this year. My case is quite straightforward and simple I guess. Also, I did not apply for Advance Parole as I was not planning to leave the US anytime soon. I started to look for jobs seriously since August. It is very difficult to land an offer as a new graduate though I have an internship during my master's program. My industry and my role really require you to have permanent status in the United States. From my experience, recruiters usually do not accept resumes through my experience looks quite attractive to them. I got my job offer by applying on the company website. I believe I did quite well during the interview and impressed quite a few people. So they were willing to move forward with me. In the meantime, they know about my status from the very beginning and they understand it is a waiting game. I am very lucky to have their support. I also keep updating them about the progress of my case. (By then, I got an interview date for my I485) So both the HR and I are quite excited about it. They gave me an official offer letter on Sept 27th, 2019. I accepted it and called the USCIS to expedite my I765 application on Sept 30th, 2019. On October 1, my status changed to "On October 1, 2019, we received your request for expedited processing of your form i765". On Oct 4th, they sent me an email requesting the evidence. The only evidence they requested was the offer letter. I did not send anything else though I was a little worried. I did not contact the senator or congressman for any help. 4 days later, my expedite request was approved.

    3. I believe being proactive and polite is a good strategy with the USCIS. No system in the world is perfect. As an applicant, we are responsible for preparing the best case for this to work. In the meantime, my husband is very supportive both financially and emotionally. The struggle and waiting were real and were killing me. I guess this is a process we all have to experience and learn from. I also checked hundreds of people's application status by filling out so many different receipt numbers. I know I was so creepy but I just want to know where the case was going. I found that the people who filed I485 and I130, their I765 is slower than others. Sadly to say.

    I hope my experience can help some people. Thanks, Everyone~