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Working on GC EAD and H1B AT THE SAME TIME?

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  • Working on GC EAD and H1B AT THE SAME TIME?

    Situation: I am working a job with Employer A on H1B. I recently got my Green Card (GC) EAD WITHOUT advance parole and my plan is to use my GC EAD to work on another job in parallel with Employer B. After a few interviews, today I got a job offer confirmation from Employer B.
    1) If I start working with Employer B on GC EAD, does that mean my H1B will be invalid and I cannot travel anymore using H1B?
    2) If above is true and my H1B gets cancelled due to usage of GC EAD, do I need to inform Employer A to use GC EAD instead of H1B?
    3) if the above is true, then in emergency case if I have to travel outside USA, how can I do so?‚Äč