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bench salary not paid as per LCA

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  • bench salary not paid as per LCA


    I need some help regarding salary disputes with employeer.

    I am on H1B and started on the project after initial bench period of 3 months. For those three months, first month, my employer did not paid any thing except $400 for monthly expences. second and third month he paid me @30K / anum whereas LCA says ~45K/anum. He promised me to pay the difference after I got the project. He did not gave me any written confirmation but he promised verbally.

    I am planning to resign the company now and just wanted to see if I can recover any balance amount from him. That is second interest but my first interest is to let DOL know about this and save consultants who have faith on this company and coming from India.

    I do not want to hire any lawyer for this. My questions are .

    1. How can I approach DOL ? Do they have any forms / applications to be filled in?

    2. If I complaint against this employer then will that affect my credit history ? or will it affect my H1B transfer process which is in progress right now ?

    thank you