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Get a job with foreign diploma

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  • Get a job with foreign diploma

    I'm currently in the USA and I have a GC petition pending. I'm tired to stay home. So I would like to find a job while waiting for my EAD (if everything is okay I should have it in a month at last). I got a Master's degree in Management and a Mechanical engineering degree in France. Do I need my diploma evaluated? If yes how to proceed?
    Thank you all

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    Hi man

    Just saw your post... Saw nobody replied.

    I was wondering if you found a position in the USA. I have a Master's degree in International Business, and may be interested in new opportunities.

    How did it end up for you? Did you find the position you were looking for?

    If yes, how was the paperwork?


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      Hi all.
      Please if someone of you or any other man have found the answer - write it here, so everyone could just come here and read what they need


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        Always thought that it's an amazingly tough process


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          I'm interested in it too. Did you find the position that you were looking for?